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Cookies for Kids Cancer Facebook App

The Cookies for Kids’ Cancer campaign was a "share" application that gave users the ability to send a cookie to their friends. Cookies were "virtual donations" - philosophy donated $1 to cookies for kids’ cancer for every virtual cookie sent on Saturdays in the month. Read More

Eternal Grace Sampling App

QVC promoted eternal grace, a fragrance for women made by philosophy, through a sampling application. Read More

Eye Hope Facebook Application

The eye hope application was a "free sample" registrant drive for the product with the same name and a share application experience. After users signed up for their free sample, they were urged to send messages of "hope" – pre-populated sayings playing off of the product’s marketing language – to their friends. Read More

Good Skins Labs Facebook App

The Good Skins application was a "free sample" registrant drive and a share application experience. After users signed up for their free sample, they were urged to send GoodNotes to their friends. The "GoodNotes" included photos and cheerful notes, such as a group of women laughing with the message: You make laugh lines worth it. Read More

Imaginary Friend Donation Application

Highlighting viral video commercials created by Horizon’s staff, the Facebook application gives the platform for users to share the videos with their friends. How is this incentivized? Every time a user shares the "imaginary friend" video with a real friend, 25 cents is donated by Horizon to a local branch of the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Read More

No Performance Tax

The National Association of Broadcasters wanted to rally its members and the public to help defeat a proposed performance tax that would hurt local radio stations and limit access to free radio. WSITS built a public microsite that explained the issue, engaged visitors and directed them to take action. Videos, text and news articles are used to explain the proposed tax and the threat to radio in simple terms, and regular blog entries keep users informed about the latest news. Visitors are asked to share why they love radio and are connected to the effort on other platforms, including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. And an online letter-writing campaign allows visitors to directly contact their Senators and Congressman and urge them to oppose the pending legislation. Read More

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