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Campaign for Disability Employment

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Campaign for Disability Employment wanted to expand its reach and engagement on social media. WSITS created an editorial calendar that highlighted dates important to the disability community - such as the anniversary of the ADA – and tracked relevant current events, then crafted content aimed at attracting fans and followers and getting them to participate in the conversation. WSITS also recommended organizations and individuals to connect with on the various social platforms. Short advertising flights on Facebook targeted toward users with an interest in disabilities -- indicated either by their self-identified interests or other pages they liked – also helped raise awareness of the campaign. After 10 months, the number of Likes on Facebook had increased 251 percent; the number of followers on Twitter had increased 927 percent and the members of the LinkedIn group had increased 55 percent. Most posts on Facebook are seen by 25 percent to 50 percent of the more than 16,000 users who have liked the page. Read More

Live Where You Work

The New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Association needed to spread the word about its programs to assist homebuyers. WSITS proposed video testimonials with families who would otherwise have been unable to purchase their home without the financial assistance provided. Read More

New Jersey Office of Child Support Services

Multiple offices across the state using various technological platforms service and administer New Jersey’s Child Support Program, creating a major communications challenge. WSITS implemented an Internet-based communications solution. Accessed through any browser, the platform allows groups of Child Support Program administrators to work together on developing programs in a collaborative effort, coordinate events, review documents, hold conversation forums, centralize work and review materials. Read More

NJ Child Support Mobile App

WSITS designed and built an app that allows users of the state’s child support system to track all case information, including payment details, hearing schedules, test results and more via a mobile device. The app has been approved by iTunes and will be available for download in mid-November. The creation of an app was prompted by user demand. Nearly 40% of all visitors to the online case information portal came via phone or tablet in a recent four-month period. The traditional desktop version of the case information portal has significant accessibility issues when viewed on a phone or tablet, which turns off mobile users who attempt to access it this way. With the introduction of the app, the mobile numbers are expected to grow. Click here for a video tour of the app. Read More

NJ Quit2Win

Information about the state’s adult-focused tobacco cessation program was housed on a site that had no consistent navigation. This meant there was no clear path for a visitor to travel to find the quit services they were seeking. WSITS redesigned the site, providing a modern look and multiple points of access to the programs providing help to New Jersey residents looking to quit smoking. Video testimonials were filmed showcasing successful quit stories. Read More


NJ Rebel features everything from video tour guides; a custom game that plugs into Facebook, allowing players to share scores, invite friends and unlock weapons; student-produced blogs; and rankings for smoking facts. WSITS scripted, filmed and integrated the “tour guide” pieces; designed and developed the Swindler game; managed, edited and posted the students’ blog entries; and integrated the technology for all functionality. Read More

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