Interactive Services

Facebook Services

Custom Facebook Profiles

In order to stand out among Facebook's 500 million members, a profile or business page needs custom tabs and custom designs. With our knowledge of FBML - Facebook Markup Language - and Facebook's social plugins, we can create a page that your target will "Like."

Facebook Apps

We have worked with clients to create Facebook applications to offer product samples, facilitate philanthropic campaigns and complement public relations strategies. The online equivalent of handing out free samples in a brick-and-mortar store or collecting money outside of the same location provides a reach that simply cannot be achieved offline.

Facebook Games

A customized game tied into Facebook allows players to compete for the highest scores, recruit their friends to play and brag about their successes on their profiles. Letting users play on the platform where they are already engaged is always a smart strategy.

Facebook Integration

Sharing content is a way of life for many Web users and integrating a Facebook connector makes it simple for a visitor to post content from your site to their Facebook page, spreading your message across their network and beyond.