Interactive Services

Social Media Services


Games that allow players to compete against one another, either while they are playing or for positioning on a leaderboard, are one of the earliest forms of socializing online. We can design a customized game that helps your audience become more invested in your brand.

Online Community Development

Online communities are based on shared interests and are measured more by engagement than by the number of members. Your vision for an online community may not include Facebook. We have experience in creating customized communities with the cachet of a more limited membership yet identical functionality to the established platforms.

Social Media Monitoring

Any social media strategy is not complete without first knowing what is being said about your company and your industry. Responding to industry news, positive coverage and compliments from clients enhances your image. But responding to complaints and negative information is even more important, giving you an opportunity to have your say and providing transparency for your clients and potential clients.

We will implement monitoring programs that synthesize vast amounts of information into easily digested, top-line reports.

Social Media/Networking Strategy

Whether your target audience is young adults or Baby Boomers, you can probably find them on Facebook. The social network currently has more than 1 billion members, and its fastest-growing demographic is people ages 35 and over. We can help you engage with them - through custom-built applications or bread-and-butter profile communications - on the world’s largest social network.

Twitter - the microblogging juggernaut - has grown exponentially from its humble beginnings, building an ecosystem of 140-character updates and open connections. You can follow a close friend or a fawned-upon celebrity and their streams of thought appear to you as if in one conversation. As a business, engaging followers on twitter and disseminating regular, quick updates can foster initimate community with your key constituencies. We can help you design your page and your content strategy.

We can help you navigate and thrive in each or all of these spaces and pinpoint the right strategy to fit your company and its needs. Contact us so we can help you today.